Hi, I’m Danny Botterell 🙂 from Tendring Telecoms & Security Systems Ltd and today I will be making Updates to this website: www.Multiply.im, as part of the Multiply iMarketing Training Course.

This website has been built using WordPress and Avada.

WordPress is a free Software that powers the website, it’s like the code that sits in the background, that most people don’t see. WordPress is used by millions of websites and is supported by 1000’s of developers, which is one of the reasons it has become the most popular and powerful platform to build websites and blogs.

Avada is a premium Theme, like a template, that controls the content, layout, look and feel of the website. One of the reasons why Avada has become one of the all time best selling premium themes is because Avada has been created to help non-technical people build and update their own professional looking websites.

WordPress and Avada are the perfect combination for helping people take control of their own websites, making it much easier for them to create great looking websites that are easy to change and update, with the right training.

This Update is a ‘Blog Post’ which is similar to a Page.

A single Post is like a News item, and a collection of Posts make up a Blog, which is short for Web Log, and Posts within a Blog are usually organized in reverse chronological order, meaning the most recent Posts to be added to the blog are displayed at the top of the page, when viewed in the Blog.

Here is an example of what a single Blog Post looks like:


Here is an example of a Blog Page, displaying the most recent Posts:


You can Post updates to your website, but you can also Post updates to Facebook and Twitter or any other place where you can add information.

Posts in a Blog can be very simple or contain lots of information including Text, Pictures & Video etc.

Because of the way Posts are organized within a blog, they are meant to be timely, so a Blog Post would usually contain News, Updates and Offers etc.

You can have some fun with a Blog and write in your particular style, so that people who are reading your Posts, get to know you, which helps build trust with potential customers.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this, please keep an eye out for our next update, which will be about adding a new Page to a WordPress website.